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New Zealand Venison is grass-fed and humanely raised on clean, open free-range ranches by family farmers who take pride in producing the finest venison in the world. With deer raised so stress free, the meat has a buttery tenderness that melts in your mouth.

Venison is an incredible healthy choice. It is high in protein and is one of the best sources of easily absorbable iron and has a fraction the fat of beef, venison is. Strict quality-assured standards mean consistency in every cut.


New Zealand Venison is venison at its purest. From pasture-raised young New Zealand deer, New Zealand venison gives you the freedom to create. Its unique taste and ability to adapt allow it to stand alone or be your ideal canvas. The flavor is so distinct and delicate, New Zealand Venison has a refined richness and subtle sweetness.


New Zealand Venison is a nutritional powerhouse. It is high in protein and low in fat and calories. No steroids, no hormones, 80% less fat than beef, lower fat, calories and cholesterol than skinless chicken, and high in protein.