New Zealand Venison is a nutritional powerhouse. It is high in protein and low in fat and calories. No steroids, no hormones, 80% less fat than beef, lower fat, calories and cholesterol than skinless chicken, and high in protein.

Low in fat & low in saturated fat

- Lean cuts of meat are recommended, especially for heart health

High in quality protein

- Important for growth and repair and helps you feel full for longer

Rich in iron

- One of the best sources of well absorbed dietary iron & helps to boost iron absorption from other foods

High in zinc

- Important for immunity and brain development

Good source of B vitamins including B12, riboflavin & niacin

- Important to release energy and boost immunity

Almost all deer in NZ are grass fed

- Grass fed animals have a better ratio of omega-3 fats to omega-6


Venison farmed in New Zealand is pure and natural:

• 40% RDI iron, 35% Zinc, and 67% B12

• 55% of daily protein needs

• less than 1 gram of saturated fat

• 150 calories

The key nutrients provided by 100g of cooked venison*
Nutrient Content Quantity per 100g % Daily intake (RDI)
per 100g
Nutritional description
Energy (kJ) 537kJ 6
Protein 28g 55 Good source
Fat, total 1.8g 3 Low fat
Fat, saturated (SFA) 0.8g 3 Low in saturated fatty acids
Trans fatty acids 0g Trans fatty acids free
Sodium 32mg 1 Low salt or sodium
Iron 4.8mg 40 Good source
Zinc 4.2mg 35 Good source
Selenium 17.7(μg) 25 Good source
Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 0.6mg 33 Good source
Niacin (vitamin B3) 8.3mg 83 Good source
Vitamin B12 1.3μg 67 Good source
Thiamin (vitamin B1) 0.15mg 14 Source
Vitamin B6 0.3mg 17 Source
Phosphorus 200mg 20 Source

*Based on 100g of cooked venison medallion. New Zealand Food Composition Database 2018

Nutritional Comparison of Common Proteins*
Nutrient Content Venison Medallion Chicken breast (no skin) Pork medallion Beef scotch fillet v
Energy (kJ) 537 620 770 1000653
Protein (g) 28 25 32 3028
Fat, total (g) 1.8 5.2 5.9 13.24.8
Fat, saturated (SFA) (g) 0.8 1.7 2.5 4.61.8
Cholesterol (mg) 72 77 109 9494
Iron (mg) 4.8 0.7 1.9 2.42.2
Selenium(μg) 17.7 13.7 16.8 6.66.5
Zinc(μg) 4.2 1.2 3.6 52.8